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What Type Of Commercial Auto Insurance Do You Need?

Business owners make choices every day to protect the interests of their business. Ensuring that they are covered by the right types of commercial insurance is key in protecting the business when the unexpected occurs. If your business regularly uses vehicles for deliveries, passenger pickups, or other work-related operations, then you may be vulnerable to lawsuits or costly repairs if something goes wrong. Choosing the... Read Article

Save Money & Energy By Winterizing Your Home

The winter months are upon us, bringing cold temperatures and adverse weather conditions. You may have already begun preparing for winter by purchasing a new pair of rain boots or a heavy coat, but have you thought about preparing your home? The rain, snow, and ice that are synonymous with winter can cause serious damage to your home, resulting in costly repairs. The unnecessary costs... Read Article

Basic Guidelines For Purchasing Flood Insurance

Do you need flood insurance? Any home or business can be damaged by water incursions, even those located in a low to moderate flood risk area. If you have concerns about the possibility of flooding due to storm conditions, rising water, fast melting snow, mud, or other situations, getting flood insurance could save you thousands, tens of thousands, or more. Our local agents are here... Read Article

Fireplace Safety and Maintenance

When the colder temperatures start to set in, many homeowners will turn to their fireplace, wood or pellet stoves as an additional heat source. While fireplaces can provide warmth and comfort, if you are not careful, they can also be a hazard. Keep in mind the following precautions to help ensure a safe winter season. Keep Your Chimney¬†Fireplaces and Wood Stoves Clean Have your chimney,... Read Article

Avoid A Headache When You Can't Avoid What's In The Road

In a majority of cases, hitting an animal while driving is unavoidable. As upsetting as this event can be, it is also capable of causing substantial damage to your vehicle, particularly if the animal is large. Deer-related accidents are common in rural areas, with the average repair from these accidents exceeding $3,300. We recommend that our clients review their auto insurance policy with one of... Read Article


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